Featuring hits like 'Relax' and 'Line Em Up', Verge delivers a robust yet varied 10-track oeuvre as a re-introduction to his persona, vision and perspective as a young man coming of age and grappling with relationships in all their shapes and forms. With sounds that introduce elements of hip hop, latin-trap and contemporary soul, the young South African producer-rapper lays it all on the table with his honest tone and knack for storytelling. Serving as an interlude, 'Always' introduces the central theme of the tape with a sample of a conversation: "Relationships don't break themselves - it's broken people". In his style of laying moments bare and overcoming challenges with his heart on his sleeve, Verge seeks to capture the fullness of both beauty and pain as he pens down verses which speak of his complicated relationship with love itself and those around him. Bringing their own perspectives and voices to the conversation, music peers and inspirations Jemapelle James, MJ Summers and Rorke Hunter make appearances on 'They'll Love Me Now'.
Draft Artwork & Collateral
Final Artwork & Images
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Photography by Abongwe L. Booi
Styling features Furrg Originals
Grade/Retouching by Arron Nathan Moos

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