FLUENT is a multimedia documentary project that explores the practice of code switching amongst people of colour in Cape Town and the fluidity of identity it creates.
In observing the interrelated nature of language and identity, we set out to ask code switchers about the experience and meaning of this fascinating phenomenon. Their stories resulted in the creation of numerous articles as well as video and audio documentaries.

      Code Switching
            The practice of alternating between two or more languages or varieties of language in conversation.
            E.g. Changing one's language/'accent'/'dialect'/way of speaking in different situations.

What is code switching?
When, where and why does it happen?
Ameera Conrad, Marc Lottering and Sidra Davids sit down to share their experiences with language and identity. By shedding light on their upbringing in differing environments as well as their social and cultural experiences they demonstrate a type of fluidity in how they choose to express their identity in different spaces and places through communication. 

This project was created alongside Maxine February, Jessie Leverzencie & Zhea Jordaan as part of our final year Multimedia Production Senior Research Project at the University of Cape Town in 2018.
It was awarded top marks as the best documentary of the 2018 class and was further utilised in gender studies lectures during 2019.

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