Photography by John Baloyi & Charles Baloyi. 
Editing by arronnathan
Armed with a circular mirror, John and Charles Baloyi created a stunning set of images which they then offered up to the broader Instagram community to play around as a call to #StirCreativity. These are my interpretations of their images as inspired by the Taylor McFerrin Remix of Hiatus Kaiyote's 'Laputa' - I've been thinking about and re-watching a few Ghibli films lately.

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, South Africa implemented nationwide movement restrictions in efforts to help flatten the curve and protect citizens. Having just completed the 7th week in lockdown, South Africans are somehow finding ways to use their time in weird, wacky and wonderful ways. With movement restricted to our own homes, there is a sense of 'doing what you can with what you have' when it comes to creative expression - something embodied by the ongoing phases of the #StirCreativity campaign by Bombay Sapphire Gin. As the next leg in their campaign, they've enlisted the talents of John Baloyi and Imraan Christian in encouraging and inspiring others to continue to #CreateFromHome.
A hearty thank you goes to John and Charles Baloyi for these raw images and encouraging the community to experiment with them.

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