The last day of November presented its challenges in the form of a corrupted SD card with one of my favourite shoots of the year stored on it. Following the recovery of files, some images came out as expected while others were well and truly broken.
What was peculiar about this broken batch was that the resultant image, often a neon-dazed ‘digital light leak’ image littered with lines, was a combination of the initial photograph with previous photographs present on the SD card.
The Story
A once perfectly sound 32Gb SD card found itself within the pits as a faulty card reader had other ideas in mind...
Some 3 hours of waiting and R400 later, I had a hard drive stacked with 60Gb of recovered files off a 32Gb card to sort through. While many of the files were backed up already, the images from the most recent shoot were duplicated and found in varying states - some intact, others broken. There was no distinct pattern in observing which files were broken or which images would tend to combine with the broken image. Some were found to be a collection of similar shades, some were made up of blocks of lines while others brought new and old together in the most fascinating way.

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